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Appendix V.


face, so as to act as a finishing as well as a roughing tool. For
bar work the head must be traversed and more than one cut may
be necessary, the tool being set deeper after each traverse until
the required material has been removed. Narrow work is done
without traverse by using a tool of the full width of work, and
merely operating the depth feed. The latter is provided for by

Fig 9O9

fastening the tool h in a boxy which is capable of sliding in the
bracket /&, while the work is steadied by the rest /. The sliding
feed is obtained by rotating the disc a/, which advances a screw
within the boss n, thus moving the rack q forward and rotating by
wheel r the spindle s. At the bottom of s is a second spur
pinion which gears into a rack t in the slide j. The depth of cut
is decided by the inner screw ?/, which may be adjusted as